What will be the next cryptocurrency to 50-100x?

Below I will explain how to find these gems and advice on my top picks for this year. Finding solid projects when there are so many to choose from, is no easy task. Research is always needed if you’re looking for a legitimate chance to make massive returns -

Hundreds of new cryptocurrencies enter the market every month, and not everyone will survive, and before we move forward, always do your own research, the list below does not represent financial advice nor am I a financial advisor.

As a general rule of thumb, projects that solve real-world problems get more attention and have higher chances of success. These are the top 7 altcoins that I have investigated which represent a high chance of reaching 100X in the years to come and solve real-world problems.

The top 10 coins will be the ones, whose technology superior and will include:

  1. Scalability, the network can handle a vast amount of transactions
  2. Instant transactions, most coins are slower than a visa transaction, think usability for speed
  3. Zero to minimal fees, users don’t want to pay too much to spend their currency
  4. Real world application, has the ability to be used in a wide range of use-cases

When researching your currencies, take the following into consideration

1. The Community

Join the communities online chat channels: Discord, Telegram or find their Reddit channel. Discover how the community ‘feels’, talk about the project and see what people say. What is the ratio of positive to negative comments? How big is their social media presence? Ask them a few questions and see how well they speak of the project.

2. Developers rating

Often projects use Github as their repository, you can see commits and their rating. Not all coins push their repo up on git hub these days, so it’s hard to see, but it is often a good gauge.

3. White paper

Check out the whitepaper. Is the project a Utility or Service? Do they have proven technology? Are the developer’s real people with experience? How long has it been around for?

4. Check out that rich list

I recommend you look at the coins explorer and find the Rich list. Often a coin looks like it is about to pump and it doesn’t, or it does and then falls back down. It’s because whales have sold their holdings. It’s dangerous if one or 10 people hold more than 0.1% of any currency since they could easily dump their holdings, devaluing your holdings.

Is this gambling or an investment?

I need to cover an important point: If you have no strategy, no process or methodology when buying cryptocurrency, you are gambling. If you would like to become a cryptocurrency investor, you need a strategy and an approach.

Below are my top coins for this year to reach new highs

Bitcoin (BTC) (64Bn)

You may think placing the #1 cryptocurrency up here is a joke, but I kid you not.

Bitcoin’s technology is fairly old, it has the advantage of being picked by institutional investors because they don’t know much about blockchain and only know Bitcoin.

Bitcoin also has the most developers working on it, keeping the code up to date and building technologies like RSK and Lightning which are taking Bitcoin to the next stage of its evolution.

Sonm (SNM) (6.7M Cap)

Standing for Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining. It’s a network capable of selling computing power in a decentralized, secure manner.

By giving up unused computing power, sellers can earn SONM tokens by joining its peer-to-peer fog computing network. It supports the most programming languages and aims to take on a wider range of development applications.

Nuls (NULS) (25M Cap)

A blockchain 3.0 project, competing against platforms like ETH, EOS, and NEO. It’s a modular, consensus-based system that uses a unique ‘proof of credit’ staking system. Basically, the nodes receive their own credit rating based on the credibility and consistency of their contribution to the network.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see multiple industry partnerships based on its blockchain tech, especially since they’re based in Singapore, one of the financial capitals of Asia.

Divi (Divi) (2.5M Cap)

Divi has a stated goal of mass adoption and the founders want to make cryptocurrency as easy to use as paypal. Divi was created in order to address a number of the perceived barriers to mass adoption by the general public; Among those are speed, scalability and ease of use.

Divi’s CTO is former VP of design and product development at Microsoft Michael Greenwood. Among other advisors are, former CSO of Yahoo! Tim Sanders, technologist Ramez Naam.

Kyber Network (KNC) (20M Cap)

Based on Ethereum protocol, Kyber Network facilitates the immediate exchange of digital assets like tokens and coins with the fiat currency like USD or EUR. It is a decentralized exchange with a real-world connection. Kyber is one project that went public with the support from of Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum.

Vibe (VIBE) (9M Cap)

Vibehub started as a music-centric application but now it has become a major virtual reality application. Using the power of Augmented Reality, you can now participate in meetings, live events like sports, concerts and even meet new people, without any geographic restrictions.

Artists and teachers can use virtual reality to reach people across the globe. They plan to generate revenue from the augmented and virtual reality content. Based on its usefulness and real-world application, as well as the roadmap the team has announced, this coin will most likely climb up the charts again and create another record for itself.

Skycoin (SKY) (12M Cap)

Created as an answer to the shortcomings of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform is free from centralization and manipulation through its proprietary Obelisk consensus algorithm. Featuring CX, a Turing complete programming language built from the ground up to allow hundreds of thousands of developers to easily deploy applications to the blockchain. With virtually free transactions, soon-to-be-implemented absolute privacy, and Visa-like speeds with an inherent asset-backed value not based on speculation.

Holding Skycoin generates Coin Hours, which are used to purchase services on the Skywire network and can be exchanged for more Skycoin


This is a great question.

For a coin to do 50–100x it needs to be relatively unknown, or the market needs to go up an insane amount. With the use of the word “next” in your question, that implies some urgency, so I don’t think we can just sit and wait for the market to recover as a whole. What we need is a truly great coin, that is currently undervalued in the market.

QKC (QuarkChain) - QKC is a high speed blockchain with their eyes set on 100,000 TPS thanks to their reshardable two-layered blockchain. With 6450 nodes and 256 shards and presented a live demo of 10K+ TPS their testnet (now 2.0) is looking good. Mainnet is due to launch this quarter 2019 so it will be interesting to see if they can stick to that.

The company is still in their early stages and while their tech is promising, they are being followed by a lot of hype.

ENJ (Enjin Coin) - I am personally bullish on almost anything gaming in the near future and the ability to tie virtual goods to the blockchain sounds like an idea with a lot of potential. But good ideas don’t “pay the bills”.

The Unity partnership for me is the biggest pro, it has been a while in the making but finally the Blockchain SDK has been submitted and approved by Unity. Once the SDK is launched on the asset store, Unity will promote and market Enjin Blockchain SDK to all developers as partners of Unity, reaching millions of Devs on the asset store.

Looking through the recent games/ game studios that have announced partnership adoption is not there yet. I suspect it won’t come near mainstream adoption for a long time and that is my biggest concern.

ZIL (Zilliqa) - “Today, we are taking a leap towards our vision of enabling innovative blockchain-powered solutions to real-world problems. With this launch, Zilliqa is now the first public blockchain platform to successfully implement sharding, to address one of the biggest challenges to mainstream blockchain adoption – scalability.” - Xinshu Dong CEO & Co-founder

They have a solid product, strong team and seem to be committed to improvement. It is important to note, however, that it is also factored into the price as they current sit at #34 on CMC around 130m market cap.

KMD (Komodo) - In between ZIL and ZEN I want to talk about a project that is a mixture of the two, and more. KMD has made the bold claim that it will be able to handle 1,000,000 TPS (compared to ZIL that, last I heard has maxed out at around 2,828). KMD have already hit 20,000TPS and sustained over 19,000 for 14 minutes.

Combined with the speed of the network, it retains the zk- SNARKs features which means it is also competing with ZEN. On top of that you can build dApps on of their blockchain and/or launch your own ICO. Talk about doing it all.

ZEN (Horizen) - Formerly ZenCash, is one of the top contenders in the privacy space. It is also a favourite for Grayscale (investment trust) who is currently holding 5% of circulating supply, roughly.

BAT (Brave Browser) - 4.6m active monthly users in such a short amount of time is impressive. Their native ads are being tested at the moment and should be released in the near future. This also means buying in now is highly speculative - as we don’t know how successful this will be, or how much revenue they will create. Even if the project is successful, how much will that affect the token price?

Overall though, BAT is an active project making moves, with a successful backing of investors and a quickly growing user base - real adoption.




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