Yes, I can. I even included most of the top 200. Then I looked at the entire top 1,000 and also included those ethat have some potential still.

I also found 2 hidden gems that I didn’t know about before, which I highlighted in bold letters.

Ok, this is the result of 3 days of research.

  1. Bitcoin, Everyone thinks we are the Ferrari of crypto even though we are just an old BMW
  2. Ethereum, we are the Bitcoin killer, but only in 2020 or 2021, when we release Sharding
  3. XRP, we are the Bitcoin killer, except that we aren’t for common people but for the bug banks
  4. Tron, we have the same technology as EOS and we are also as dodgy
  5. Bitcoin Cash, our god Satoshi told us to treat the white paper as the holy word of god and he is a god and he is infallible and we aren’t allowed to think for ourselves and follow his writings until our death
  6. EOS, we are the dark underbelly of crypto and we take everything valuable about the blockchain and turn it into something ugly
  7. XLM, we are XRP, but with 10x less adoption and partnerships
  8. LTC, we love our big brother Bitcoin and we copy everything that he does because we don’t have our own personality
  9. Bitcoin SV, we are like Bitcoin Cash, but our religion is the right one, not Bitcoin Cash, because we interpret it differently
  10. Cardano, we are super scientists, but we don’t understand anything but science
  11. BNB, we are the biggest token in existence and we belong to the biggest exchange in existence. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone, because we are already rich and famous.
  12. IOTA, we have super interesting tech, but we are the extremely centralized until we have a million people using IOTA
  13. XMR, we have great privacy, but only 10 TPS, but that doesn’t matter, because no one is using us. Also, anyone can copy our privacy code, because we are open source, so we are just a research project, but we’ll reach mass adoption because of that.
  14. DASH, we are just like Bitcoin, but we claim to be much different
  15. Bytom, XEM, NXT we don’t even know what we are and we don’t do anything.
  16. NEO we are the most centralized blockchain that exists and we trick our investors to think that we’re good with stuff that is completely irrelevant like programming languages and meaningless events
  17. ETC classic, we are a bunch of idealists with no plan. Oh and our blockchain had a successful double spend attack last month and it will probably happen again, but we don’t have a plan, because we’re idealists.
  18. MKR, we are the biggest stablecoin. Watch out. There’s also DGX, Stasis, PXS, USDC and a couple more though.
  19. ZEC, we are a privacy coin and have the same problems as Monero.
  20. Tezos, we have good decentralization, but very bad scalablity with 300 TPS and there is not much effort to improve that besides a Lightning Network
  21. Waves, we are a Dex. Watch out.
  22. Dogecoin, much wow. Such mystery, very endurance.
  23. VET, we are a very centralized blockchain, but that doesn’t matter, because our team is huge and very competent, so we can change that anytime.
  24. BitcoinGold, Bitcoin Diamond we are a scam Bitcoin fork and we offer nothing of value.
  25. Ont, Komodo, Lisk, Ark, Ardr, Stratis, Dragonchain, ICX we are very centralized and all pretty much do the same thing. Don’t consider us.
  26. Link, we just pumped 200% last month for no reason. We are a shitcoin pump. Be ready to get dumped on.
  27. Zilliqa, we have the best technology of all blockchains currently and we could replace Bitcoin this year. Watch out.
  28. QTUM, we are quiet and do smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain. Before you notice, we might blow up.
  29. REP, we are a betting app that is doing quite well right now
  30. ZRX, we are an interesting protocol, but we have no idea of how to get adoption
  31. Decred, Digibyte we have solved one of the 10 issues with PoW and we refuse to solve more.
  32. BAT, we will destroy Facebook and Google next year
  33. Steem, we are the son of a billionaire, but we don’t know who our father is, because he put us up for adoption directly after birth
  34. Nano, we have very promising technology, but we refuse to do any marketing, because a tortoise told us about “Build it and they will come”, even though any experienced entrepreneur can tell us that this is exactly how it doesn’ work
  35. Bytecoin, we are a scam and stopped working on the project, but not before we scammed everyone when we got listed on Binance.
  36. Revain, we are a cool use case by legitimizing reviews via the blockchain, but our market is a bit small!
  37. Bitshares, we are the child of a billionaire, but we were put up for adoption.
  38. XVG, we offer provacy thay actually offers zero privacy. We are also a scam.
  39. Siacoin, GBYTE, Bluzelle, STORJ, OPQ, we are a file storage solution, but there are so many of us and we are all quite similar.
  40. Aeternity, we have a promising technology, but we aren’t telling anyone about us
  41. HOT, we can take over the world, but only in Q2. :)
  42. Loopring, we pull together the order book of all exchanges, so that we can provide high liqudity for all coins.
  43. PundiX, OMG, we want to reduce layers of complexity in crypto with loads of solutions like better interfaces and crypto credits cards, but we have almost no traction
  44. Factom, we provide secure record keeping systems, but we also don’t know how to do marketing
  45. Populous, we allow invoicing via the blockchain, but we don’t have much traction and our market is really small.
  46. Repo, we give people tokens for scanning licence plates of random cars with their mobile phone to see if any car has not been returned yet by a lender. (I didn’t know this exists, but could have potential Repossession - Wikipedia). Also, we pumped our coin into the top 100 with over 10 days with only $10,000 daily volume each, so we became the top 50 cryptocurrency with only $100,000. That’s how easy it is, pretty cool hack, huh!
  47. Odem, we are Udemy via the blockchain without an intermediary. Pretty cool, huh! We also pumped ourselves into the top 100, but it looks a bit more organic like with Odem. Also, we had more volume like $900,000 in one day. So maybe it was organic or not, we won’t tell you. ;)
  48. Golem, Aelf, with our coins you can rent computing power from the cloud. Pretty cool huh, but we have zero traction. :(
  49. Electroneum, we trick people into thinking we are great, even though were are just like Litecoin with a fake miner. Also, we use our own server to process “instant transactions”, so that it’s completely centralized. Our fans don’t care. They just love the fake miner and centralized instant transactions like paypal has them lol.
  50. Cryptonex, we are a decent exchange. Nothing to exciting, but also not too bad.
  51. Paypie, we give you a bueatiful overview about your finances with our slick app, though we don’t tell you anywhere on our website how it has to do with blockchain or how our token works, tehee.
  52. Maidsafe, we have promising technology that we will launch in 2029.
  53. Huobitoken, Kucoin shares, we are a token for our exchange. Not much more to see here.
  54. Buggyra coin, we are an outright scam. Just look at our website, that’s how a shitcoin website looks like. Then, we have names that sound American to non-americans as our team names. We also have pumped our coin into the top 100 with only $100,000, lol.
  55. Mixin, we are a centralized blockchain with 1,000,000 TPS. No one needs us.
  56. Project Pai, we make a 3D avatar if you for the blockchain. This is pretty cool, though we have the huge hurdle of crossing 1 million users. Still, we pumped ourselves into the top hundred
  57. Hypercash, we are former HShare that looked like a scam and everybody says we are a scam and we are probably also a scam. We claim to be a DAG and will launch a PoS/PoW hybrid blockchain in 2019. Waltonchain, we are just like VeChain and are also as centralized.
  58. Tenx, our founder exit scammed most likely. Still, we grew 70% last week haha.
  59. PIVX, Zcoin, Horizon, BTCP, we are a privacy coin and have some minor differences to 20 other privacy coins.
  60. Decentreland, we are Second Life in VR where Decentraland token is our currency instead of Linden Dollars, but we haven’t launched yet. That doesn’t mean that we can do 100% pumps lol.
  61. PowerLedger, Envion, WePower, we want to decentralize the energy market in the entire world, so that you don’t buy from individual energy companies, but from the energy producers themselves without an intermediary. We heavily focus on renewable energies and we might take over the world, but it will also take some time, because onboarding those energy producers is a very long process!
  62. Aion, we are an blockchain
  63. Dentacoin, we are a market place for dentists. Everybody hates us, but we aren’t so bad.
  64. Reddcoin, we are a social networking coin, but we have zero traction. :(
  65. Monacoin, we’re kind of a Memecoin for Mangas, under the use case, we’re just a fork of dogecoin though
  66. Polymath, on our platform you can tokenize everything. No one understands this really, but this will probably the big thing in crypto in 2019.
  67. Wanchain, we enable cross chain transactions, though atomic swaps kind of have replaced us. :/
  68. GXchain, we are a decentralized exchange for users that enables anonymous data-exchange between the services they use. Store your personal data in or dapp Blockcity and you can go shopping, connect to your social networks etc. and you get rewarded with tokens. Also, we have 1 million users on Blockcity already. Not too bad, huh!
  69. Ravencoin, make your own security token within minutes and have it trade worldwide.
  70. Wax, WAX is designed to be a convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual items for the the 400+ million online players who already collect, buy and sell in-game digital items. We don’t have any users yet though…
  71. Nexo, we have already given out $20M in crypto loans, though nobody kind of knows about us. :D
  72. Linkey, our website looks like it was made for $200 and no one can understand what we’re doing on our website except something with professional financial asset management.
  73. Bancor, we’re kind of a dex
  74. Elastos, we’re the most powerful blockchain that currently exists next to Zilliqa, but nobody knows about us really except on Quora. That might change once our first dapp gets a million users in a month. However, we have gotten a heavy lawsuit, which might make investors lose confidence in us for months to come.
  75. Aelf, DBC, Singularity NET on our platforms you can rent AI power. Pretty cool, though we don’t have many users yet.
  76. Qash, we are the global world book, so we collect all the liqudity of all exchanges that partner with us.
  77. Apollo, we are an outright scam coin.
  78. Fun, we are a casino coin and we do already have some partnerships with Casinos, yay,
  79. Loom Network, we are side-chains for Ethereum (I didn’t even know Ethereum has side-chains)
  80. Quarkchain, we will launch Sharding in Q1 and compete Zilliqa for the most powerful blockchain. Watch out.
  81. Optimal shelf, we collect fragmented data from the entire supply chain of products and use machine learning to process, analyze, and clean it. Smart contracts protect interests of both data providers and consumers, as a unique set of KPIs, product ratings, and rewards are stored on the blockchain to secure them from manipulation. We’ve already generated $1M in revenue.
  82. Enjin, we are the best gaming coin with already 20 million gamers in our network and our token has already been implemented in 30 games that will be launching soon. Ah, and we also already have a partnership with Unity, who will probably show us in their app store soon and also Ubisoft.
  83. Mithril, we are also a gaming token, but we don’t have any traction.
  84. Veritaseum, hello how are you? We are a scam.
  85. Nebulas, we are supposed to be the Google for the Blockchain by searching all blockchains, however, we aren’t showing any progress somehow.
  86. Particl, we are a privacy coin and offer a privacy focused product market place.
  87. MobileGo—a smart token that can facilitate peer-to-peer matchplay and decentralized tournaments for millions of competitive gamers worldwide. However, we are probably a scam and we are very close to Gamecredits, a scam by Tron r/GameCredits - Jack Kuveke July 30th Transparency AMA
  88. Credo, the token of respect. It is the token you earn when someone you don’t know sends you an unsolicited email via our email service Bitbounce. You can use the Credo you earn to send your own emails to people you don’t know, trade it for other currencies, or hold onto it as its power increases. We also have 1 million users on Bitbounce.

    It’s a bit similar to ads and BAT.
  89. Eido, we are a wallet, a hybrid exchange, which also allows your directly invest in ICOs all in one beautiful app. However, you can only store BTC, ETH and ERC20 tokens on our app.
  90. Syscoin, we are the ebay on the blockchain and we want to add more solutions for businesses. Though, we don’t have any clients probably.
  91. Cybermiles has built highly customized solutions for the e-commerce companies to deploy their business on the Blockchain with ease.
  92. Endor protocol, we are predictions as a service, backed up with extensive research at MIT, providing your business with automated, encrypted, Instantaneous AI predictions, transforming predictions from generic to specific.
  93. Digitex, we are like Bitmex, but without fees and we launch in Q2 2019!
  94. Nexus, we have a Trybrid algorithm and Sharding, but you’ll still have to wait until 2020 until we launch. But when we launch, you better watch out.
  95. Kin, we are a token for KIK, which already has 15 million users, but after 10 years. So, it’s not super likely that we’ll grow to 30 million anytime soon.
  96. Gas, we are the gas token for NEO, the most centralized blockchain in the world.
  97. Kyber, we are a dex
  98. Enigma, we are privacy for smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain. Not too bad, but there aren’t many new developments from us.
  99. Boscoin, we use a decision-making system called Congress Network, which can solve the inherent problem of Smart Contracts: that their flexible nature makes them undecidable, i.e., it’s impossible to construct a single algorithm which will definitely lead to only one yes/no answer. But we will do that.
  100. Santiment netowrk, we’re analyzing the cryptocurrency market around new types of data sources and ways of reading the market that haven’t existed before, such as discussions, fundamentals chart analysis, sentiments.
  101. Hycon, we are the same as Nano, a DAG in a block-lattice, though we claim we are better. Also, no one knows about us. *shrug*
  102. ProximaX, we do the same as XEM apparently, but no one knows what they’re really doing already
  103. Bread, we are a crypto wallet, but we make it sound like we are much more even though we aren’t.
  104. Quant, we allow the building of multi-chain applications with no additional infrastructure, by reducing the complexity for organisations to take advantage of distributed ledger technology in as little as 8 minutes.
  105. Centrality, starting from scratch can be the biggest barrier to success. We’re building an extensive library of core services that every developer, business and start-up needs to create world-class blockchain applications
  106. Dent, we went from zero to 11M users within 11 months and we’re growing faster than Facebook in the beginning, that’s all you need to know. Ok, you can sell your leftover data of your mobile data plan at the end of the month to people all around the world and you can also buy data from them. Soon, you can also do voice calls through our app!
  107. Maximine coin, we are a highly efficient and transparent cloud-based pool blockchain mining platform
  108. Civic, store your identification on the blockchain
  109. Salt, lending crypto, but we are probably dead
  110. Oneroot network, no one knows what we are doing, probably we are a dex
  111. Ethos, we are a wallet that looks nice, but we only have 20,000 downloads
  112. Substratum, our founder exit scammed
  113. Spectre.ai, we are the world's first regulated and broker-less financial trading platform.
  114. TokenClub, we get a basket of the hottest new ICO tokens every month and take care of going through verification, pre-registering etc. Though, there are no hot ICOs right now at all!
  115. Sirin labs, we raised $154M in our ICO and made a phone with blockchain apps and its own OS. We only need to sell 80,000 phones to be profitable, but so far we haven’t said how many phones we have sold at all, so we probably haven’t sold many!
  116. Tomochain, we are a blockchain where 150 PoS masternodes vote. This is more decentralized than most blockchains, but 150 nodes is still not really decentralized.
  117. Request network, we were one of the most shilled projects on reddit in 2018 to enable less friction in crypto purchases, but we have literally delivered nothing in 2018 that does that.
  118. Auto, we are security platform for the auto industry
  119. Cindicator, our entire business model is that we make crypto predictions with sophisticated A.I., but most of our predictions are wrong, so our A.I. is trash, lol.
  120. Odysee,is a decentralized sharing economy and peer-to-peer ecosystem, aiming to complete with and replace the likes of Airbnb and Uber via the blockchain though we have zero users.
  121. Edgeless, we are a decentralized online casino and already $10M have been wagered on our platform!
  122. Dropil, we provide you with automated trading and trading signals and analysis on our platform
  123. Ambrosus, we are a supply-chain blockchain like VeChain, just a bit smaller
  124. Sophiatx, we provide enterprise blockchain solutions for businesses and we have already sold them to 3 clients including Ernst & Young.
  125. Ethlend, we are lending on the blockchain, but we are probably dead
  126. Metal, we are the Venmo for crypto, just with no fees! In fact, you get tokens when you send money to your friends on our beautiful app, it’s super fun to use, though we only have 20,000 users right now.
  127. Appcoins, we have our own app store with 200m users that use Appcoins for in-app purchases and it is already used by 60 apps in our app store, which have been downloaded 500,000 times already!
  128. BountyX, we are one of the most shilled projects of 2018 on reddit. We are the http://freelancer.com on the blockchain though there are almost no jobs or users on our platform


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