These days, the crypto game has changed and it’s not the same as it was in 2017 when prices skyrocketed just by a team making promises.

Nowadays, the price of a token highly depends on the efforts which the team puts into fueling the project with news, updates, and partnerships.

There's not a lot of projects which can brag about it.

I strongly believe that wide adoption will start with the gaming industry.

I’ll give my best arguments for this:

  • Gamers spend a bigger part of their life online than average users.
  • Gamers are curious by nature. They are open to everything new
  • Gamers are a very dedicated and contributing audience.
  • Gamers are already familiar with the idea of tokenomics (in-game items, in-game currency, etc.)

Not to mention that the gaming industry recently has become more profitable than the filming and music industry combined thus making it one of the most prospective industries for the years to come.

Now here are my top 3 crypto projects out now, which will be closely connected with the industry success.

  • Top one: Enjijn coin ($ENJ)

The company bеhind ENJ Coin - Enjin іѕ the largest online gaming community. In short, Enjin offers a flexible, free platform for creating, integrating, and scaling tokenized gaming assets.

With Enjin Coin, the team created a smart-contract allowing game authors to make their in-game items tradeable.

Games that already using Enjin Coin include Forest Knight, 9 Lives Arena, Bitcoin Hodler, War of Crypto, and Age of Rust.

Most notable achievement: ENJIN wallet already on 78M Samsung Galaxy 10 phones and has literally unlimited potential to reach more.

Considering the above, Enjin has all the chances to become the most or one of the most usable cryptocurrencies for the gaming industry.

  • Highly promising: Theta token ($THETA)

My next bet is THETA since streaming has become the primary method for gaming influencers to interact with their audiences. It is definitely a sphere that will continue to develop with big leaps.

Theta strives to establish itself as the blockchain-powered video delivery platform featuring a decentralized streaming and token-based bandwidth sharing model. Thismodel enables streamers from countries with expensive or poor internet while incentivizing those who have high speed and cheap internet.

Decentralized video streaming will let users earn Theta fuel (another crypto within THETA ecosystem), broadcast high-quality video, and reduce the costs of delivering video streams for platforms.

Currently, SilverTV has more than 1 million users and growing at a fast pace.

  • Risky but promising: DreamTeam token ($DREAM)

Last but not least, an encouraging project that can get wide adoption within the esports sector is DeamTeam.

Dream Team is an infrastructure platform and payment gateway for esports and gaming.

To my mind, the strongest point of this coin is its CEO & Co-founder Alexander Kokhanovskyy:

  • 20 years of experience in the esports industry
  • Created one of the most successful and one of the most popular teams in the history of esports – Natus Vincere (Na`Vi)
  • In 2016 became a shareholder of ESForce, the 3rd biggest esports entity, acquired by MailRU group for $100M

Use cases and factors for the $DREAM token growth:

  • Subscription-based model (can be paid in tokens)
  • One-time service and asset sales on the platform
  • Fee-based model for smart contract services (Player to Team/Coach/Manager Compensation, Player Transfers, Sponsorship, and Media Rights Sales, Advertisement Sales, Prize Money Payouts, Team Merchandise Sales)
  • Gamification and rewards

Mr. Alex's reputation and real token use cases are the factors that will make this coin successful in the long run.

Wrapping things up,

Though there is hardly any coin that can overtake Bitcoin in terms of adoption and market cap, projects mentioned above can potentially bring you bigger returns in the next bull run.

Even though fundamentals of the above projects are strong - always put your stop losses and never invest something you’re not prepared to lose. Crypto is way riskier than it was a couple of years ago!


What are the top 5 most undervalued cryptocurrencies right now?

It’s actually not so complicated.

Let’s look at the Top 100 from most overvalued to most undervalued.

  1. Tron, Litcoin, XLM, XRP, EOS, BCH are extremely overvalued right now. They all have extremely centralized networks, through mining pool centralization or other means and almost no adoption to show. XRP is the only one that is a bit decentralized and has test clients.
  2. Bytecoin, Bitshares, Revain, HC, Crypto. com, Insight Chain, Veritaseum, PIVX, NEM, REDD, Linkey, ZCash, ETC, Lisk, Bitcoin GOLD, Bitcoin Diamond, Verge, Electroneum, Factom, Digibyte, ZCoin, Metaverse, Stasis, Monacoin, Tomo are also extremely overvalued. 

    They have nothing to show for, nothing that makes them stand out and some are in or close to scam territory. The only reason why they are not in #1, is because they have smaller market caps.
  3. BCHSV, Monero, DASH, PundiX, NEO, 0x,Waves, Tezos, Dogecoin, Ark, WTC, Loopring, Maidsafe, Ardr, Golem, Cryptonex, Komodo, ICX, Status, Quant, KuCoin shares, WAX, PAI, Decentraland, MOAC, AELF, Bancor, Santiment are really centralized coins or coins with zero traction that have nothing show for

    Those coins aren’t super overvalued, but they are still overvalued.
  4. Holochain has lots of potential, but seems a bit overvalued right now. They are still months away from launching their mainnet, so the current pump isn’t really justified.
  5. Ethereum is also a bit overvalued right now, because they won’t be competitive until they release Sharding in 2020 and they will nost likely lose significantly in value throughout 2019 compared to the rest
  6. BNB, IOTA, Cardano are at a fair valuation now. BNB had a 150% pump over the last month belongs to the biggest exchange in crypto, which will see an influx of a lot of new volume this year. The pump is justified.

    Cardano, IOTA still need half a year or more to fully launch, but their valuation isn’t so high compared to the top 10 while their potential is still high, so their valuation is fair.
  7. Bitcoin is somewhat undervalued right now, its fair price would be at around $8,000 with all the adoption, good news and extremely high volume, as high as at the height of the last bull run currently.
  8. BAT, Theta, IOST, Nano, Zil, Powr, Nexo, Gxchain in the Top 100 are undervalued right now, because they have really good fundamentals or already some good initial traction.

Of those, only BAT, Zil, Theta seem to be very undervalued and only BAT is so undervalued that it’s good buy in my opinion.

If you want an overview of what all the coins do, I wrote a summary 2 weeks ago here: Can you give me a summary of the entire crypto top 100 in two sentences or less?


Of the entire Top 50, all coins are extremely overvalued except BNB, Cardano, IOTA, Zilliqa, and Bitcoin. Though, they are also not undervalued.

Of the entire Top 100, only BAT, ZIL, Theta are undervalued and only BAT is very undervalued.




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